Bag it Rite Kraft evidence bags vs. the alternatives

Kraft evidence bags are superior as they prevent the degradation of DNA when compared with the traditional plastic evidence bag. Kraft breathable bags assist in the prevention of mold or mildew.

Typically, Kraft paper bags do not have an affixed closure seal; rolls of tape and scissors must be transported between crime scenes. This drastically increases the likelihood of cross-contamination from crime scene to crime scene and from file to file. Bag it Rite provides an affixed closure seal enabling immediate closure of the exhibit to reduce this risk of contamination.

Our bags were designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals and organizations to seize items professionally regardless of expertise. They assist anyone from front end civilian counter staff to Major Crime Investigators in the seizure, chain of continuity and storage of items.

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Bag it Rite Kraft evidence bags were created by police personnel and designed to be used by law enforcement agencies. Forensic Laboratory personnel and Major Crime Investigators were consulted with regards to the initial design of this product.

For fingerprinting purposes, forensic identification technicians prefer items be seized, carried, and stored in Kraft bags. Bag it Rite is an RCMP approved supplier. Additional information can be found on the RCMP Info Web.

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